Our Roofing services:


New Construction

Exquisite Roofing is here to help! We acknowledge homebuilders hard work in ensuring that every customer gets the home of their dreams! That’s where we come into play. Making sure that every roof is installed with quality and care is always our priority, we make sure that our roof is installed to last and look great while doing so. We provide all roofing services for new construction at your request!

Roof Replacement Services

Exquisite Roofing always prioritizes customer service and aims to give you the best roofing experience that you can possibly get! That consists of GREAT Communication, cleanliness and making sure that you are 100% SAFE throughout the process. We only Premium Materials, you do not have to worry about us cutting corners. We have over 40+ years of experience on our team dealing with roof replacements alone! The crews that we use are IN HOUSE trained professionals! We do not have random crews working on your home like some of our competitors may have. Exquisite Roofing always makes sure that when we leave your home, that there is not a spot of trash to be seen on your property. Remember, Quality Starts at the Top!

FREE Roof Inspection Services

Many homeowners skimp on the idea of having roof inspections done on their home. This is something not to take lightly. Just because you not experiencing any active leaks does not mean your roof is in the best shape! Our roof inspections make sure that we identify any potential problems that we see, and notify you before it turns into a much bigger problem. Wether it is sealing your roof jacks, cleaning your valleys of debris, rusted flashing, rotted decking, and much more! This is something many homeowners may not think of! Having a roofing expert take a look at your roof is very critical, you want somebody that is trusted, and that you know isn’t doing any funny business up on your roof!We always advise that you get your roof looked at least once a year just to have the reassurance that everything is okay, after all it is FREE! Exquisite Roofing is always happy to assist you with our Roof Inspection services! Give us a call today!

Roof Repairs

Having repairs done on your roof is always a great thing to do. Whether it’s a missing shingle, sealing your roof jacks, or having a tree fall on your home! We treat all repairs the same and act on them quickly, that way our customers have a safe functioning roof over their head! Repairs allow the life of the roof to extend, allowing everything to function correctly. Unnoticed roof damage can lead to many future problems, this is not healthy for the roof whatsoever, and can possibly lower the life expectancy. Active leaks can lead to many problems, staining your sheetrock, floor, and even causing mildew to take place which can be very dangerous for many reasons! Do not take these things lightly.

Roof Cleaning Service

Light Wash: The light wash service is performed mainly on tile, slate, concrete, and clay roofs! After so many years, your roof starts to get full of algae, debris, and dirt that just looks nasty! Well, good news, we are able to bring your roof’s detail, aesthetics, and color back to life! This light wash will last you years! Of course we can not control Mother Nature, debris builds up depending on the amount of trees your home is surrounded by! We have a trained in house crew that goes out with our roof cleaners and pressure washers to perform this service.

Valley Cleaning

Do your valleys look like this? This service is very crucial to have something that very few people may know about! Cleaning and maintaining your valleys is so important, we can not express this enough! When there is debris buildup in your valleys, this allows water to sit and pond in your valleys. When this takes place, leaks, damage to your decking, rusted valley metal can all occur if this issue is not taken care of. Do not wait any longer!

Tile Repairs

While we are washing the roof, or cleaning your valleys, we always want to fix your broken tiles before these services take place. Being that our technicians are trained professionals, they are able to perform all 3 services correctly and safely. We are a package!





Our Renovation services:

Custom mad chimney caps:

24 gauge metal.

Custom made metal parts


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We work on the basis of your own door measurements, ensuring precise and customized work. 
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Metal (Modern Doors)


Custom Painting

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